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Paignton Beach Flyover

Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA's) or drones as they are popularly termed, are providing a new perspective on everyday life. Simply by adding in the 3rd dimension of altitude, places, buildings and structures we had previously taken for granted or overlooked suddenly come to life. Aerial videos created by SUA's are to put it simply, amazing even for the most everyday objects.

As an example, here is a very short aerial video of Paignton Pier and beach taken on a fairly grey dawn morning in February. If you live in Torbay you've probably seen or driven past this spot many times. The video is probably best viewed on a small device as it's responsive and will adjust to the size of the screen. On a PC it expands to fit the real estate available which is larger than the actual format of the video. Try it on a smartphone or tablet, it works great.

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