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Dave Collerton

Fast Start Media Service | 4 Hours FREE Support

Fast Start Media Service | 4 Hours FREE Support

Would your business benefit from an image makeover? Most would so you aren't alone. The problem is, taking those first steps. Even though you think you'd benefit from some help, advice and support, I'm pretty sure that the hardest thing for you to do right now is to pick up the phone. Am I right?

Look, I want all businesses in the bay to be successful. I live here and I use a lot of local businesses and services myself so selfishly, I want them to be around for many years to come. However, I know that there isn't a level playing field when it comes to having the money to throw at advertising. I also know that just having a website deosn't automatically create new business or customers. With this in mind, I have the time, energy and ideas to sit down with you and to talk through your needs as a local business. It doesn't matter to me if you sell widgets, paint ceilings, rent rooms or make dresses, capturing the spirit of your business is a challange I am well up for.

My offer to you is simple!

  1. Give me two hours of your time and together, we can map out a cost effective, effective media update plan
  2. I'm so convinced I can help you that I'm willing to give you another 2 hours of my time, for free, getting your project started. 
  3. If you like what you see, for every 1/2 day of support you buy I'll give you the rest of the day completly free. And no, I won't be doubling my hourly rate!

What things can I help you with?

  • Media makeovers including updating web photos, photo shoots, location shoots etc
  • Product photos and videos for e-commerce / catalog use
  • Story-boarding so that your web designer can create your website based on a strong story or coherent ideas
  • 60 second video marketing of your product or service
  • Need a website developer? I can help you locate and manage the perfect website developer for your product or service
  • Need social media support? I can introduce you to great marketeers who can help you create brand awareness and traction for your product or service

As a bonus you'll get lot's of exposure in #BoostTorbay and inclusion in our innovative new website for Torbay. Ask for more details when you call.

So, pick up the phone right now and give me a call on 07791 299 611. I promise you there's no hard sell, no promises of things I can't do and no hidden costs if you decide to proceed. Everything wil be agreed up front and I'll work tirelessly to deliver a new look you'll be proud of.

Call now, I'm waiting to talk with you.


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