Well, what a blast! Those great guys from Aqua Adrenaline and OCRDA visited Torbay again this weekend for the last of this seasons OCRDA Power Boat Racing program. Matt Palms (of Aqua Adrenaline) yet again did a splendid job of organinising this years events (April and October) with hundreds of drivers and support staff, and huge numbers of spectators enjoying two days of blistering racing, fabulous super cars and lovely sunshine. I'm not sure Matt had much to do with the latter but everything else was amazing as always.

As in previous years, racing covered both days with additional attractions including the 30 minute ski race - what's that all about - jet skiing and power air-boarding all entertaining the public during the day. Because of the popularity of the event, not only with the sporty brigade, 1000's of people attended over the two days. No doubt the local coffee shops and related businesses all enjoyed the benefits of so many people visiting the harbourside so late in the season. 

If you want to learn more about the OCRDA, visit their website at http://ocrda.co.uk/. You can see more photos for the various events they have held throughout 2017. For more information about Aqua Adrenaline, visit http://www.aquaadrenaline.co.uk/