Examples of Torbay video and film shot from our SUA (drone). Terra Vitae is seeking CAA approval for its SUA (drone) operations.

Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA's) or drones as they are popularly termed, are providing a new perspective on everyday life. Simply by adding in the 3rd dimension of altitude, places, buildings and structures we had previously taken for granted or overlooked suddenly come to life. Videos created by SUA's are to put it simply, amazing even for the most everyday objects.

The damage to this roof was found within a few minutes of launching the drone. It shows that a tile has slipped and exposed a roof batten and the interior membrane below it. This part of the roof is very exposed to the wind, hence the damage and over time, this damage can only increase. By identifying this problem, one of about 6 noted on this large roof, immediate repairs can be undertaken reducing the overall cost of repair to the property owner.

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